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MPP maintains one of the industry’s premier technical centers – the MPP Technology Center. The mission of the Technology Center is to focus on the development of new materials, advanced compaction and sintering techniques, prototyping, and proprietary products.

MPP is an innovator in powder metallurgy material technology, including the development, selection, and blending of standard and custom powder metal materials and alloys. Our goal is to provide the highest quality, custom-engineered P/M solutions for our customers.

Light Weighting of Structural Automotive Components Using High Strength Powder Metallurgy Aluminum Alloys

The intense effort by automotive companies to improve gas mileage and meet mandated CAFÉ Standards is aided by enabling vehicular mass reduction technologies. One area of such research is the application of appropriate powder metallurgy (PM) materials such as the alloys of aluminum, titanium, and magnesium. Each material option presents certain challenges that need to […] Read More
MPP Featured in Lightweighting World

Aluminum powder metal was recently featured in the January/February issue of Lightweighting World magazine. The aluminum powder metal market continues to grow as automotive engineers take greater advantage of its capabilities in achieving weight reduction. MPP is recognized as the technology leader in aluminum powder metal and is ready to work with you to provide […] Read More
High Nickel Alloys Offering a Combination of High Strength and High Impact Properties

ABSTRACT High nickel steels offer the opportunity to produce powder metallurgy components with excellent high strength and ductility combinations. These alloys are a sinter-hardenable class of materials that do not require conventional heat treatment processes to develop these unique properties. The alloys must be sintered at high temperatures in order to obtain the value of […] Read More
Wear Resistance and Mechanical Properties of Selected PM Aluminum Alloys and Composites

ABSTRACT Wear resistance is often important in structural applications that use light weight PM aluminum alloys. Several aluminum PM alloys were evaluated for wear resistance using the ASTM G65 test method. This consists of dry sand that is dropped into the interface between the test sample and a rotating rubber wheel. Test results indicate that […] Read More
Amazing Aluminum

Aluminum components continue to gain acceptance as alternatives to steel because of their weight saving and mechanical properties. Looking for more information about the amazing uses for aluminum, click here. Read More
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