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    MPP offers complete design and engineering services from prototype through production.



    Metal Powder Products (MPP) is a full service company offering complete design and engineering services, as well as process and product development from prototype through production. MPP has considerable experience with both ferrous and non-ferrous powder metal materials, and expertise in several advanced powder metallurgy technologies, including density enhancement techniques, soft magnetism, warm forming, gear manufacturing, and specialized powder metallurgy joining and assembly techniques. Additional capabilities include:

    • Custom Tool and Die Design and Fabrication
    • Outstanding Customer Service and Support
    • Press Capacities from 4 to 900 Tons
    • Sintering Capabilities up to 2500° F (1,300° C)
    • Highly Trained Engineering and Production Personnel

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    Powder Metals 101

    Powder Metals 101
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    • Pulley & Bearing

      MPP’s solution was to utilize a copper-steel material with a tensile strength of 50,000 psi and a minimum yield strength of 40,000 psi.

    • Latch Bolts

      Because only UL-listed devices may be used in commercial buildings, the latch bolts are extensively tested.

    • Cam Caps

      “Die cast aluminum camshaft bearing caps required expensive secondary machining to achieve close tolerance features, resulting in higher cost.”

    • Ring Gear

      “Credibly disintermediate competitive methodologies before resource sucking infomediaries.”

    • Gear & Cam

      “A leading manufacturer of electric hedge trimmers needed an assembly that could withstand a minimum push-out force of 500 pounds and 60 foot-pounds of torque.”

    • Valve Plate

      “The P/M part provides a 30% cost savings over the former stamped plate.”

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